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Throughout history, communities have looked for leadership when solving the most daunting problems. The most successful leaders demonstrate that they understand the issues and have the tools and people within their circle to develop solutions. One of the major issues confronting our nation is the lack of qualified engineers and scientists graduating from US institutions. And nowhere is this problem more acute than within the American Indian community. Historically, American Indians are the most underrepresented minority group in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The challenge is to provide substantive numbers of high school graduates that are fully prepared to enter the demands of a rigorous STEM curriculum. As the Chairman of the Board for the American Indian Institute for Innovation (AIII), I understand the dilemma our community faces and I am working with the most talented people to provide the solution. Based on a very successful program that has been in existence since 1992, we believe AIII can answer the needs of the American Indian community and provide highly qualified as well as culturally aware high school graduates ready for the challenges they will face at institutions of higher learning.

Please join me in helping build an institution dedicated to improving the lives of American Indian youth and helping to ensure the United States maintains a leadership role in engineering and science well into the future.

John B. Herrington
Chairman of the Board for the American Indian Institute for Innovation
CDR USN(Ret) - Astronaut, STS-113
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